The Top Online Christian [Type] Services | Oct 2019

28 Days. That's the average wait time in the U.S. to see a counselor. With online counseling, there's no need to wait.

Below we've included overviews of the most popular online counseling platforms, as well as our recommendation for the best service based on overall quality and how long it takes to match you with a counselor.

  • Starts at $35/week
  • Get matched in 2 hours
  • Over 1,000 counselors who identify as Christian

Quick Review

Faithful Counseling allows its members to speak with a licensed Christian counselor online or through their mobile app. Their specialization in Christianity and their matching algorithm is what makes them #1.

User Reviews: 5/5 (9 reviews)

  • Starts at $180
  • Get matched in 3 hours
  • Great for couples

Quick Review

ReGain is an online counseling service that specializes in couples counseling. Take sessions with your significant other or individually. You can request that your counselor has a religious background.

User Reviews: 4.1/5 (2,385 reviews)

  • Pricing varies
  • Get matched within 24 hours
  • New service shows potential but not a finished product

Quick Review

MyTherapist lets you schedule a time to talk with a licensed therapist by phone, video or online messaging. They are relatively new to the online therapy world. They provide all the required services, but the user experience lags behind some of its competitors. Check back in a year.

User Reviews: 4.1/5 (9 reviews)

Why Online [Type]?

  • No wait – it only takes a few hours to start talking to a counselor.
  • No restrictions – you can message your counselor as often as you’d like.
  • Comfort – you don’t have to leave your home to engage in a session.
  • Communication options – talk to a counselor via text message, email, phone call or video chat.
  • Anonymous – you can be totally anonymous, no one has to know who you are.
  • Affordability – online counseling is usually more affordable than in-person counseling.
  • Better matching – online counseling will often match you to a counselor best suited to fit your needs, no longer are you restricted to whoever is in driving distance.

Our Recommendation: Faithful Counseling

Faithful Counseling is geared towards those exact people who online counseling was made for – people on the go. Those too busy to take the time to travel and go to a counselor, get the same benefits from the convenience of their smartphone. Counselors are available for you 24/7 with the option to also have a live phone session.

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